Expanding Your Business to Other Countries

These days it is a very important concern that is always bugging any & all the new emerging entrepreneurs mind. How to expand there business? both local & global. Let’s talk on this how some research guide you on this path

Localize Your Content

It is very essential that that the audience you are targeting is able to connect with the content you have written or you are about to write. Hence, try to understand your audience & write how they would like to read


With the help of a local translator & via a tool ‘because most tools only translate the word written they do not retain the speech, sense or the context of the original text

Validate Your New Market

Market Opportunity

  • Start with understanding the scope of your business, product or services in the market you want to enter (both local & global).

Why is this important? To get a feel of the market readiness, user or consumer awareness & competitor. In other words how prepared is the market.

This can be done with the help of some free tools to start with like

Based on some initial research take some informed decisions like
  • ┬áDo I need to work on content first?
  • Should I get my content translated?
  • Does pricing needs a revisit?
  • Can a discount work?
  • Which product or service should I launch my brand with?
  • Which product or service has the lowest competition?

Advertising Across Boarders

Market Opportunity

Support Systems you will need

Understanding the local (in sense) ecosystem i.e both technical & regulatory is very important. It helps in reducing the risk factor

  • Check how your website will perform or is performing in the countries where you want to sell your product or services
  • Review your supply chain & map your reach to DTC (incase applicable)