This Privacy Policy outlines “The Show Media” practices with respect to collecting, using, and processing information when providing our online services (collectively, the “Services”). This is separate to our Terms of Service, which sets out more information about the Services (“Terms” or “Agreement”). Please read this Privacy Policy carefully so that you understand your rights in relation to your personal data and how we collect, use, and process your personal data. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy or any part of it, you should not access this website or use our Services. Where personal data is about you is collected by us in the “The Show Media”, you may opt-out an time by clicking the unsubscribe option in any/all emails we may share or by sending mail at

The Show Media is Marketing Support & Analytics  Company and into Managing Paid Ad Campaigns, Build Analytics framework for websites & business, Marketing Services & Lead Generation Management. The information in the “The Show Media” database is collected from user directly via our website forms. Our website address is:

What information do we collect?

a) We collect individuals’ business information by Individuals that may provide information by contact us form via our website. This information is like business information which is found on a business card, including full name, company name, job title, business phone number, and email address.

b) Technical usage information from website visitors, when you visit our website & use our services, we automatically collect information sent to us by your computer, cell phone, or other access devices. This information includes: (i) device information (e.g., the type of browser and operating system your device uses, language preference, domain name, access time); (ii) mobile network information; (iii) your IP address; and (iv) alerts for troubleshooting errors and bugs. Where you are not logged into your account, this information is unidentified to you, and we are not aware of the identity of the user from which this information is collected.

How do we use information in Business Profiles?

  • To sign you up for our newsletters or alerts
  • Respond to Contacts’ inquiries, support request, feedback, or questions
  • To verify the user’s registration to the services and approve the user’s email address; personalize our services for you
  • If you opted into marketing, to communicate with users about our latest updates, upgrades, and products
  • Send you announcements in relation to security, privacy, or administrative related communications (these communications are not marketing orientated, so you may not opt-out)

Cookies and other tracking technologies

A cookie is a small data file that is sent to your device when you first visit a website. Cookies usually include an identification number that is unique to the device you are using. Such identifiers can help us better understand our users and how they are using the Site and the Services. Cookies also enable the recognition of a user when they re-visit the Site, keeping their settings and preferences and ability to offer customized features. If you prefer, however, at any time you can reset your browser, so it refuses all cookies or notifies you when a cookie is being sent.

The Services may implement the following types of cookies: (i) cookies implemented by us for the purposes described above (“First Party Cookie”); and (ii) third-party cookies which are set by other online services who run content on the page you are viewing, for  example by third party analytics companies who monitor and analyze our web access such as Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics that is used to track statistics and user demographics, interests, and behavior on websites and apps. We also use Google Search Console to help understand how our website visitors find our websites and to improve our search engine optimization.

You may remove the cookies by following the instructions of your device preferences; however,  if you choose to disable cookies, some features of our Services may not operate properly, and your online experience may be limited. You may also configure your browser settings to use the Services without some cookie functionality. You can delete cookies manually or set your browser to automatically delete cookies on a predetermined schedule.