Types of Digital Marketing Channels

In our last blog, we discussed Digital Marketing as a concept & its advantages. We as also listed out Types of Digital Marketing Channels, well here we are with our new blog piece which gives you a brief summary of each of these channel types.

Organic Search Marketing (SEO)

SEO means “search engine optimization” basically it is the process of getting your website to show up higher or on top of the search engine (Google Search) results. It’s about improving your site in terms of content, design, speed, user interface, relevancy, etc. to increase its visibility when people search for services, products, or just information in Google, Bing, and other search engines. SEO helps you get better visibility of your pages & website in the search results and this better visibility can help you attract more traffic to your website/business. (Read More)

Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

PPC means “pay-per-click” in simple words it is an extension of SEO however unlike SEO each & every click that you get by a user via the search engine is paid (which is why we call it “pay-per-click”). The first question that comes to mind after reading this is if we have SEO why do we need PPC, well here they are

  1. SEO is time-consuming without any predictable performance time
  2. User/Audience targeting is not possible in SEO
  3. Most of the time modification in the search engine algorithm impacts your website ranking
  4. The diversity offered by PPC is not possible with SEO


PPC allows advertisers to bid for placement in a search engine when someone searches a keyword that is related to their services or product, for example, you can bid on the keyword “buy sports shoes” to get your ad to show up in the very top spot on the Google results page. (Read More

Organic Social Media Marketing

Going by the word “Organic Social Media Marketing” is any social media activity that all the social media users do every day without a paid promotion like uploading an image, or a video, or creating a post for free. Organic social media activity means creating a post to engage the users on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit & more. Organic social activity is an essential part of the whole Digital Marketing initiative as it is a way to connect with your audience, manage customer relationships, listen to your audience, and acknowledge them.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid social media marketing is very similar to the PPC we discussed above as it also involves advertising dollars. In simple words, when you sponsored a post or advertise any brand, product, or service on these platforms & you have to pay for the same. Paid social strategies work best when you or a business want to promote a product (say any shopping carousel ad from Amazon), a service outline ad (say Go Mechanics is showing different service packages), or may a simple form to capture interested users’ information.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process within the Digital Marketing space where you (as a business) can earn money (commission) by promoting or selling products or services made/offered by another brand. Like the sound of money, great let me how you can do that.

Any entrepreneur or company that has a product or a catalog of products can let others promote & sell those products by paying a commission. The classic example, let’s assume you are an insurance company now you would definitely have a Sales Team which you are paying of salary however there are people whom you have reached out to promote & sell you services but you don't pay them a fixed salary but instead you give them a commission on each policy sold that is what you call an Affiliate Marketing

Youtube Marketing

YouTube Marketing is a practice or strategy within paid adverting space, where promote (in simple words put ads) on the videos being streamed/watched on YouTube. It can be a small or long video, an image, or even a gif animation. Similar to organic and paid, YouTube also works both ways. Either you can upload a video for free that you want to share with the audience or you can put your ad on someone else’s video & pay for it. YT marketing helps boost traffic, increase the customer base, and reach new audiences.

Content Marketing

It is very hard to describe a simple concept of what is Content Marketing, so let me explain it in my words. Content marketing is a marketing strategy where you carefully craft valuable content that can be digitally perceived by the audience. In this modern marketing era, it is crucial to work on content because in the end, anything that the end user cannot connect with or understand is useless even if you have invested a huge amount of time, effort & resources in it.

When we say content these days it is not just a blog, website or ad copy or catchy ad phrase, or even a video, it's everything that a user can read, see or understand because it helps you to attract, engage, and retain an audience.

Email Marketing

Using emails as part of your marketing strategy to keep users/audience engaged & to even reach out to more audiences is called Email Marketing. These emails can be used to

  1. promote a business’s product or service, as well as

  2. a discount offer or festive offer

  3. upgrade in the existing software or services

  4. benefits of using a product or service

  5. educate the audience on the value of your brand

  6. keep the audience engaged between purchases

Whether you are a new or old brand email marketing can surely serve an important purpose for your business.

SMS Marketing

This is something you have experienced or experience yourself almost every day when you get text messages from banks, Car/Bike Insurance companies, investment opportunity firms, healthcare, or shopping. So if you want to put a definition to it, SMS Marketing is sending out transactional, promotional, or informative text messages to users for marketing purposes. It is very important to note that these messages are only communicated to people who have consented to receive text messages from your business.

Display Marketing

As the name suggests, Display Marketing is advertising or promoting brands, products, or services using many ad formats like images, banners, videos, or animations, as well as text links and gifs. These ads are delivered on various devices & platforms such as

  1. website on a Deskopt/PC & smartphones

  2. application on tablets or smartphones

  3. game on tablets or smartphones

  4. OTT platform on a smart TV

Well, mostly display marketing is used to increase brand awareness and reach.

There are more strategies & platforms in digital marketing growing every day, we will keep on evolving this section bring you more updates on new marketing channels

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