Difference between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4

Well, the current Google Analytics also called Universal Analytics (UA) is almost 12 years old. Yes, no doubt at the usefulness of this tool to all online businesses. Hence, I believe Google thought to give the old champ a makeover with an entirely new infrastructure that is more user-friendly while preserving the key features and functionality of the older version.

Before we move to a much more detailed comparison let's see how the two differ in general understanding;

Difference between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 snip1

Comparing metrics: Universal Analytics vs Google Analytics 4


Universal Analytics

  • Total Users >> Total number of users
  • New Users >> Total Users who interacted with your website for the first time

  • Active Users >> N/A

Google Analytics 4

  • Total Users >> Total unique users who logged an event
  • New Users >> Number of users who interacted with your site or launched your app for the first time and the metric is measured as the number of new unique user IDs that logged the first_open or first_visit event.
  •  An active user is any user who has an engaged session or when Analytics collects: the first_visit event or engagement_time_msec parameter from a website the first_open event or engagement_time_msec parameter from an Android app the first_open or user_engagement event from an iOS app

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