What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing also known online marketing, is the promotion of brands, products & services to connect with potential customers using the internet based website, forums, blogs, apps, email, social media, and other forms media platforms.

Understanding Online/Digital Marketing

In simpler words, Digital Marketing is advertising your products, brands & services on digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. In today’s marketing world an enormous system or network of channels has grown to which marketers must onboard their brands & advertise online. More over, in order to be successful in digital marketing, marketers have to dig deep into this vast cross-channel network & come up with strategies that make an impact.

It also very basic but important to understand why Digital Marketing has become the need of the hour. With the exponential rise in internet usage, gadgets, smart devices & more. Internet & internet based apps have become and essential part of daily life across the globe due to which marketing has started becoming smart as well with marketing campaigns that appear on a computer, phone, tablet, or other device. It has taken different media forms, including online video, display ads, search engine marketing, paid social ads and social media posts.

Challenges in Digital Marketing

Just like any other marketing channel or strategy Digital Marketing also has its own challenges for the marketers. Digital marketers have to keep up with how any channels works as there are constant changes & upgrades also with the increasing traffic how they’re used by audiences.

  • As more brand and marketers start using any of these platforms its becomes more & more difficult to capture audience’s attention.

  • Configuring & collecting information from these channels is a very critical process as each channel has its own configuration setting which need be very carefully set. Correct configuration of these channels is important as all the data that they will collect & process depends on that only.

  • Next stage in analyzing this data, Digital marketers also find it challenging to analyze the vast data collected by these channels

  • Using the above recorded data effectively requires a deep understanding of channel & consumer behavior.

Types of Digital Marketing Channels

We have discussed more about these Digital Marketing Channels in details in another research section, to know more

Benefits of Digital Marketing

One can consider Online or Digital marketing as unique umbrella which has multiple different channels, that have their unique advantages as well. We have tried to list few of these benefits,

  • Broad Geo Reach & Targeting – with the online marketing tool such as Google Ads you can target audience in different Geos across the globe

  • Cost Diversification – digital marketing is accessible by all whether it is a small business, start-up, MSME or an enterprise. It has a very flexible model where one can start at a very low cost compared to the conventional marketing channels like newspaper ads, television spots, billboards, etc.

  • Self start – it does not need you have a very high level of knowledge, experience, reach or deep pockets to start with online marketing, you can create a simple blog or a post that can start get users to you website, page or social account.

  • More Option – if you create a list, it will all add up to summarize that digital marketing gives you much more option to promote your brand, product or services with a greater variety of ads & creatives that you can show to you customer  

  • Quantifiable – as most of the digital marketing channels are either on PPC or CPM models, they itself build a traceable structure for your ads & spend which eventually allow you to track, optimize & control the outcome of you ad spend

  •  Personalization – of you consider the example of remarketing this feature on the Digital marketing world help you create & target personalized ads for user that may not sound like one however people who have used this or are using it would agree that this a very powerful technology

  • Real Time this is more of benefit of internet however you can link it with online marketing to. So, now a day you can connect with a customer who is sitting thousands or kilometer away from you & provide may you r product or services or solve a problem for the user 

  • Goals – This is a brain of Digital Marketing that you do not find in the offline marketing world, i.e you can per plan or assign on the go differebt marketing goals to you campaign example, you can run a branding campaign and configure it to only throw impression on a target audience or you can create a lead generation campaign that has a conversion of user sign up form.

  • Sale or Attribution Funnel –  now safe to say that digital marketing is comprised of data points at each level, this gives you the opportunity to use this data correctly in such a manner that you can create a funnel from the point where a user saw or clicked on your ad till the point where they make a purchase or sign up. Assigning specific goals at each level as markers give a details analysis on you user behavior which can be further user to optimize ads or content or website.

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