MS Excel "AVERAGE" Function

The AVERAGE function in MS Excel is a standard predefined function, which returns the average value for a set of values (arithmetic mean).

Syntax for AVERAGE function is,

=AVERAGE(number1,[number2], [number3], …)

where number1,[number2], [number3], … are the number conditions and this function can take two or more conditions.

Concept of AVERAGE function:

  • For a given set of numbers, the AVERAGE function calculates the sum of the set and divides it by the count of the values in the set.
  • Consider the set to have 5 values 13, 12, 15, 17, & 18. Sum of this set would be 75, dividing this with 5 gives you 15. So the AVERAGE function returns the value 15.

There are different types of mean functions in MS Excel. Hence, please check what is the desired output before selecting the AVERAGE function.

Let’s discuss an example of how to use the AVERAGE function,

Example for "AVERAGE" Function

I have taken an example of a keyword research file with traffic across 4 geographic locations, and in that file let's say you have to figure out what is the average traffic that each keyword is bringing in,

  • Select cell D2
  • Type =AVERAGE, to activate the function
  • Double-click the AND command from the drop-down
  • Press the Tab key on the keyboard
  • Type "("
  • Select the range "B2:E2"
  • Press Enter Key on the keyboard
  • Drag the formula to all the rows
  • To drag the formula, just copy the formula & paste it in he cells or select the empty cell range wit the formula cell & press ctrl+D

More to do with AVERAGE function:

  • The AVERAGE function is often used with logical functions like IF, AND, SUMIF. It would be helpful to look at how these custom formulas work.
  • Also, do check our AVERAGEIF & AVERAGEIFS pages.


Admin | Oct 31,2023

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